Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Early Christmas in South Jungle

Why early Christmas in summer? What makes it so sweet? There is a saying “ A Smoking Gun “ is the best present. Some lions found it in the South Jungle. A weapon has been found that can be used against the “ old war horses “ that has ravaged this jungle. These freeloaders, fungus and bootlicker has stink the jungle with their scent and presence. Should now be the payback time?

While looking for artifacts in the South Jungle, these lions stumble among the ruins of an old civilization an important document dated not a year past. Once it has been deciphered due to it being in a foreign language, it foretold of a plot by one of the “ old war horses” that executed it while in power. This is treason for all inhabitant of South Jungle. He has betrayed the trust of all even though he is the executer. The authority and power given to him makes his words law in the South Jungle. Alas he is like the other entire bloodsucker and gremlin out there.

What should we do? Should we add salt to its stipend? After many nights of discussion throughout the day and nights a decision has finally been formulated. It will be kept as a “wild card” to be used when necessary. When this hyena has grown too strong, he will get a reminder of what it has done. It will not know where did the evidence has come from but it will continue to appear from time to time in its crib. Finally, Christmas did come early to some animals in the South Jungle. They will keep smiling knowing that the horizon is clearer.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

8 Testament of South Jungle

Do we live our life based on principles? If yes, do we do the exact thing or opposite of it. I have a tale to tell here regarding the ups and down of South Jungle. There are 8 Testament that is suppose to be abided by all living life in the South Jungle. Alas, the opposite are done here for survival sake.

1) Professionalism
Do we work with a distinguish ability in our daily work? The supposedly “know onions” here in the South Jungle are full of crap. The vultures only backstab in a professional act in a cowardly manner to be look upon by the puppeteers. Works are shabby by the “old war horses” that does not hold any qualification and experiences.

2) Respect
To hold in esteem or honor is a glass image. What we see or do is what we get in return. When we embarrass or put down someone in public, is this respect? Most people accept loads of work pressure but most people cannot accept humiliation or embarrassment in public. This will only bred loath, abhorrence and despise of the authority or paymaster.

3) Caring
To be responsible for/ watch over youngling. The only caring done here by there craven, invertebrate and milksops are their own “Asses”. These “two face” hyena will two-time any inexperience in the culture of the South Jungle. Imagine what will a lion do when it sees a limping doe. It will pounce and tear the creature from limb to limb while the hyena wait for its turn. So “caring “does not apply here at the South Jungle.

4) Cooperation
Toughest value to install in oneself in it/he/she has the opposite of the top 3 values. Imagine an enemy of my enemy is my ally till we kill our common enemy. Well here in the South Jungle, this does apply to a certain level of understanding. Once the common one is down and out, they turn among themselves with full enmity and dissension. Talk about teamwork in the South Jungle. It’s a wild, wild jungle out there.

5) Honorableness
Adherence to moral and ethical principles is the meaning. In lay man term “ gentleman”.
Not a sword in the back. The virtues embossed in the “ old war horses” are stain with the blood of past victims.

6) Entrust
Its true that the “bosses” are empowered to say or do what is necessary but does it include humiliating a person? What level does this put the main character in the South Jungle? At times, the empowered person is unable to make decision as the “bosses” hold a tight rein on the “old war horses”. Responsibilities need to be delegated yet some will go to the grave holding the rein. We see puppets and we know the puppeteers. This puppeteer will never relinquish its power.

7) Avant-garde
The virtue of introducing new ideas and new concept. The leading edge ideas are accepted but not given life as the “old war horses” keeps to the puppeteer’s tune.

8) Competence
The creatures in the South Jungle should be measured by the successfulness achieved in performing a task. Here we got some who are measured by their famous “ nasi kang-kang”. Some measures a knife in the back as efficiency. True to the core values of “efficiency”.

In short, the South Jungle is a dangerous place whereby many animals cannot know an enemy until they are bitten while they lay dying unconcern by the natural jungle. Many has come into the South Jungle hoping to make a living of the harsh world out there yet when they are in, they rather face the blizzard and storm again. What drives an animal to move on in life is food and continuation of their legacy. But take to heart that there are a bunch of animals that band together in hope that one-day they can find something in other jungles to call home.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Attitude in the South Jungle

What is attitude? How do we define a person with attitude? Could it be people carrying themselves with an aura of goodwill and just without a care of other feeling? Or attitude should be branded to those people looking at these and just can’t stand the fact that some people are contended with what they are doing or have done.

I have this story that happen some time ago in the South Jungle. The young hawk has had his share of the bountiful meat. What should be the proper attitude of it? Should it just lay move aside and sleep contentedly or keep awake tense. It should be former based on my opinion. This hawk got a chunk if its meat bitten off due to his attitude. Is this right? Does the supposedly experienced, educated and wise owl suppose to do this?

When we say as wise as an owl, we usually associate it with being a grandfatherly being, gentle in giving advice and impart knowledge to the youngling. Not for the case that happen in the South Jungle. It’s a wild, barbaric and rampant jungle out here whereby only the hypocrite, pretender, trickster and charlatan stay. As for the rest of those that are good of heart, to hell with them down here.

In short those who want to survive in the South Jungle has to sell their mind, body and soul. Of those not yet scarred, they are oppressed. None will be able to voice out their thoughts for fear of being sideline. As for the good one that does voice, well they have to leave the jungle. Which one has the attitude problem, the oppressor or those being oppressed?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chronicles of Hydan Starborn

It was on this faithful night the lore keeper looked outside his window into the gloomy night with the rain pounding the wall of the castle keep. From his studies of the great “Gael” book, with the correct alignment of the stars and the 3 moons that shines every night on Tundera, this was the night that the chosen one will be born into the world.

For a long time Tundera has suffered in the iron grip of the Grippers. Too long have the people suffered under the vile, abhorrent and horrendous Grippers who came from an unknown world on the unfaithful night 50 years ago. These skeleton thin grim ripper like zombies rode terrible lizards the size of a draft horse equip with razor like teeth and thick hide impenetrable to normal spears, arrows and conventional weapons. The Gripper themselves brandish dark swords bless in Tunderan blood by the apostle of their God named Marak.

The armies of these Grippers leaving only nations near the wasteland of Arama still standing have swallowed many nations whole. Wizard keeps, prized by these Grippers for their magical contents inside were the main priority to plunder once they settled in Tundera. Battles were fought with weapons and magic but alas nobody could stop the onslaught of these Grippers. The high council of Magic was destroyed and every wizard killed or enslaved. The only last standing keep in Arama has never been conquered yet but assassins have tried many times to penetrate its keep.

The angelic, renowned Doty Keep has ward off these attempts on many occasions. Situated on a cove closely to the 3 main element of the world where the strongest magic is derived from, Doty Keep stood guard waiting. The 3 elemental sentinel guardian of earth, water and air up conjured by the 1st order wizard Mattias has stood guard for 3 generation without fail to protect Doty Keep. The lore keeper is the only one left to guard the keep and the secrets of its content. The surrounding area of the keeps makes it difficult to be attacked. Surrounded by a magical forest guarded by Graku, the earth elemental, the enemies have lost many Torker who tried to sneak in through the mountain behind the keep. Graku’s who is the totem of a bear, guard this forest. With his sharp claws and inhuman strength and his ability to melt and become one with the earth, nothing can step the earth without his knowledge. Trees whispers to the earth elemental when enemies without souls or with a dark heart walk the earth surroundings the keep. The Doty Keeps front view faces the opens sea with clear blue skies. The open air guarded by the Wrist, the air elemental with a dragon totem. Its mighty wings will create hurricane like winds to destroy any flying Torker coming from the open seas. Its petrifying glare will turn man to stone and beasts of the air of good heart never need to fear it for it is a guardian of the righteous and honorable. Merk the sea sentinal guards the seas of Doty Keep. The merman with his trident rides the waves when an enemy is seen and together with ability to telepathically communicate with sea creature, they repel enemies from the seas.

Knowingly this night the 4 guardian of the Tundera last remaining standing keep looks to the east over the Mountain of Alila sensing the nearness of time when the chosen one will arrive. All know that with the arrival, the new future master will need them in all aspect of magic and fighting skills to fight the Grippers and bring peace back to the world know as Tundera.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A taste of "voodoo"ed rice

There is a tale stating that sometimes when eaten delicacies prepared by a maiden, we might be smitten by the beauty and get hook by her charms and cooking skills. This may be true in some instances that I have been through in my life here now. I give a living example here, there is this old hippo who knows this fat boar in the south jungle. He has a life partner but he got hooked by the "nasi kangkang" prepared by this boar. In order for her to survive, she choose him as the prime experiment lab rat that is doom to fail one day.The old saying says once eaten, you are hooked through think and thin abandoning all reasons. I still have doubts that this boar is a virgin on all 3 gray areas.

There is a veil of darkness surrounding the eyes of the old hippo. He cannot see the fault of the boar eventhough its wrong. He was taken for a spin ( in the old hindustan movies ) yet still support the boar. What is this black magic that I am saying here? Once smitten, he would abandon its life partner trust and get on with this boar. What would the offspring be like for this unlikely couple. Would it have the face of a hippo with tusks of a boar or a face of a boar with a mouth of a hippo. Whatever it is I leave it to your great imagination. On many occasions when confronted by the young lions and an old tiger, the old hippo backs the boar. On many occasions we see unreasonable reasoning given by the boar which saw the system of the south jungle to fail.

How can we stop this rabid boar from consuming all our logical reasoning for things when we know the answer that cows cannot fly according to our reasoning. Will the young lions and old tiger be taken for a spin yet again and again. Is there a cure to clear the eyes of the old hippo.
I believe only time can tell or the partners will find out. All I know is that never loose the trust of your partner as it will mean luck has run out for you.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Water hippo or water idiot?

The hippo roams free in its river in the south jungle. He is considered the king of its kind after being there for 17 years fending off other animals which tried to invade it's water and politics. The king of the jungle then elected it to be the representative of the waters. THe king also gave him the role of a mentor to a group of young lions. Assuming this role gives him absolute power, it uses the title of a leader for its own personal gain. It throws its weight around when it wanted something to be done its way.

Coming from an idiotic background of a low water life animal, it does not know to make wise decision. It assumes the command given is right yet it does not know that the decision made only made it looks much more stupid. Irrational and undecisive decision made usually backfires and the casulties are its troops of brave, intelligent and good looking young lions. Alas! if only the king of the jungle knows the truth. WIth his skills of "tai chi", it still manage to stay one step ahead of the young lions.

But the time may come soon when the young lions will strike back on the hippo. Will they devour him or leave him for the dead after carving his meat from flesh. Only time will tell this tale.

The Dumb Blonde Theory

Recently a human have an encounter with a plain face baboon. They both live in the same jungle down south. This baboon is incharge of many tasks as it was the only animal able in its species able to converse in human and baboon language. Knowing the nature of this baboon after working with it for several years, the human still sometimes find himself needing to ask her some questions pertaining to its kind. He also know that sometimes by asking the great question, he will get a great headache responces back. Alas! he needed to ask some task of it. It was asked to deliver eggs to another human in the north jungle. When the humans in the north jungle received the eggs, many were spoiled and cracks were found. After a detailed check a total of 50 eggs are unable to be consumed. Hearing this news, the human asked the baboon, " why are there broken eggs?". The baboon then replied " nothing is wrong with the chicken that laid the eggs. The damage was done during delivery". Upon hearing this the human continue to get a more detailed explanation but the baboon was babbling in its language. Then it dawn into him, he just dug his grave and buried himself. This had happen many times.He should have known the nature of this yellow tailed baboo. It could dance around the bush and love king kong. So he kept quite and let time fly.